What is the Opening Day Parade?

Every year Inwood Little League celebrates Opening Day with a big parade that includes all players, parents, supporting organizations and a marching band. Players and parents are asked to gather with their team at corner of Broadway and Dyckman at 11am (date listed below). The players must wear there full uniform (no equiptment nesseccary). Parents are asked to march behind their respective teams.

Check the Calendar for Dates & times 

The parade starts promptly at 12pm with a police escort and walks north on Broadway to 218st. The north side of Browadway is closed while we walk in the parade.  We turn left on 218st and proceeed to the Opening Day ceremonies on field 6 located in the Inwood Park peninsula.

Only players and league administratorsare allowed to enter the field for the ceremony. Parents and guest must remain outside the field. The ceremony which includes short speeches by the league president as well as other dignitaries, will last about 45 minutes. All players will be uniformly dismmissed to their parents after the ceremony.

There will be 2 games played after the ceremony: one Majors game (12yr olds) and one Seniors (15-16yr olds) game.  You are welcomed to stay and watch.


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