Games Schedule is posted

The complete summer schedule is schedule is posted here.

Please note the following about games and practices…

  1. Players are expected to attend ALL GAMES and PRACTICES. If you are going to be absent, please inform your coach at least 8 hours in advance. Missing more than 5 games will be grounds for expulsion.
  2. Arrive at least 30 minutes before game-time.
  3. Do not assume games are rained-out. ONLY your coach will inform you if games are cancelled. Otherwise, you must show up.
  4. Players must be in complete Inwood uniform to play (jersey, grey pants, hat, belt, socks).
  5. Please check the schedules for make-up games of Rain-outs.
  6. Field 6: Only approved coaches and players are allowed on the field. NO PARENTS ALLOWED.
  7. Other Fields: parents must remain outside the dugouts and fields
  8. All spectators, players, and coaches are expected to follow the league Code of Conduct at all times.

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