2015 Spring Baseball Registration


2015 Spring Baseball Registration is CLOSED



  1. NEW players must bring proof of age (passport, birth cert. etc) and proof of address (Con Ed bill, Cable bill, etc) to a live registration date
  2. All players must appear in person to be measured for a uniform
  3. As a voluntary fundraiser, you are asked to sell one box of 60 Chocolates. The proceeds ($60) are due by March 15.
  4. Players with a medical condition must bring a doctor’s note stating the condition and restrictions.


  • 4-9 years old, $140
  • 13-16 years old, $180
  • 17-18 years old, $180
  • Fees include: full uniforms, trophies, games/umpires
  • Cash or Check (Credit Card Online), must be paid in full at time of registration.

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