Frequently asked questions by parents are  listed below.  If you have other questions, please fill out the Contact Form.

Games and Teams

When are the practices and games?

Teams are encouraged to practice often! However, practice will vary according to the coaches’ availability. All coaches are volunteers who also have jobs and families.

Most teams will practice at least once per week for an hour or two, and usually in the late afternoons at Inwood Hill Park. Once your child is placed on a team, your manager will contact you with practice details. Please make an effort to attend practices and let coaches know if you will be absent.

Below are the typical days and hours the divisions play games. These may vary from year to year depending on the number of players registered.

Age Division Field Days Times
4 Rookies (tball) Field 3 Sundays 9am
5-6 Superstars (coach pitch) Fields 2, 3, & 4 Saturdays 11am
7-8 Farms (kid pitch) Fields 2, 3, & 4 Saturdays 9am
9-10 Minors Field 6 Sat & Sun (2 games) 9am, 11:30am, 2pm
11-12 Majors Field 6 Mon – Fri (2 games) 5:30pm weekdays
13-14 Juniors* Fields 1 & 5 Mon – Sat (2-3 games) 5:30pm weekdays, Sat 10am & 12:30pm
15-16 Seniors* Fields 1 & 5 Mon – Sat (2-3 games) 5:30pm weekdays, Sat 10am & 12:30pm

*The Juniors and Seniors divisions are often combined to form one league.

Girls Softball has the following schedule

  • 10U (ages 8 to 10) practice on Field 4 on Thursdays from 5:30–7pm. Games TBD Saturday or Sunday.
  • 14U (ages 11 to 14) practice and game times and days are TBD.
  • 18U (ages 15 to 18) practice either Tuesday or Wednesday. Games TBD Saturday or Sunday.

Which Division/Group will my child be placed in?

Players are placed in a division based on their age and skill level. Your child’s “league age” is their age before August 31st of this year (defined by Little League.)

Some players may be moved up or down a division based on special needs, circumstance, or the skill level determined during the tryouts.

Where and when are the games played?

All games are played at Inwood Hill Park. Players are placed in divisions according their age and skill level (based on a tryout).

Age Division Field Days Times
4 Rookies (tball) Field 3 Sundays 9am
5-6 Superstars (coach pitch) Fields 2, 3 & 4 Saturdays 11am
7-8 Farms (kid pitch) Fields 2, 3, & 4 Saturdays 9am
9-10 Minors Field 6 Sat & Sun (2 games) 10am, 12pm, 2pm
11-12 Majors Field 6 Mon – Sat (2-3 games) 5:30pm weekdays
13-14 Juniors* Fields 1 & 5 Mon – Sat (2-3 games) 5:30pm weekdays, 10am & 12:30pm Sat
15-16 Seniors* Fields 1 & 5 Mon – Sat (2-3 games) 5:30pm weekdays, 10am & 12:30pm Sat

 *The Juniors and Seniors divisions often combine to form one league.

When we do we get a schedule?

Full schedules will be posted on our website before the start of each season. Specific team schedules will be provided to managers one week before opening day. Your team’s manager will provide you with a copy.

What if it rains during the season?

Any type of game cancellation is decided by a league official (these are umpires or commissioners). Once that decision is made, all managers are notified. It is the manager’s responsibility to notify parents/players. Normally, cancellations are confirmed at least one hour in advance of the game.

How often will my child play during games (playing time)?

All players in the Minors and higher divisions are required to play the field at least 2 innings and get 1 at bat. After that 2 and 1 requirement, playing time is awarded at the manager’s discretion.

In the younger divisions (Rookies, SuperStars and Farms) all kids play the field for the entire game and every kids bats once per inning.


How do I register my child?

Register Online
To save you time and to secure a spot, You can register online here.

Register in person
Please check the Calendar for “in-person” Registration dates. Usually on Wednesdays from 6-8pm and on Saturdays from 10-3pm at IS52 or at the office.

What you need to bring:

  1. If you are NEW to the league
    1. Proof of age (Birth Certificate, passport)
    2. Proof of address (home bill, lease, etc)
  2. Bring child to be measured for a uniform
  3. If child has a medical condition, bring a clearance from the doctor
  4. Cash or Credit Card for league fee. Must be PAID IN FULL at time of registration.

Registration Fees (subject to change)

  • 4-8 years old, $175
  • 9-12 years old, $195
  • 13-16 years old, $205
  • Girls Softball (9-16 years old), $175

Fees include: full uniforms, trophies, permit for games, and umpires

What happens after registration?

After everyone is registered and managers and coaches have been chosen, kids ages 8 and up attend a tryout. After that, players are drafted or assigned to teams and managers are given contact information.

Your team’s manager will contact you at least one week prior to opening day to introduce themselves and arrange uniform distribution and practice(s). The manager will be your point of contact from that point on.

What team will my child be on?

In the younger divisions: Rookies, Superstars, and Farms, kids are assigned to teams by the Farms Director in an even manner based on experience level and ages. For the Minors division and above, kids are chosen by managers in a draft. We cannot accommodate special team/buddy requests.

Once kids are assigned to teams, the manager will contact you to introduce himself.

What is the Opening Day Parade?

Every year Inwood Little League celebrates Opening Day with a big parade that includes all players, parents, supporting organizations and a marching band. Players and parents are asked to gather with their team at 30 Nagle Avenue at 11:30am (teams meet in the schoolyard by the Nagle Y). The players must wear their full uniforms (but don’t bring gloves or cleats or bats). Parents are asked to march behind their respective teams.

Check the Calendar for dates & times 

The parade starts promptly at 12pm with a police escort and walks up Nagle to Dyckman to Broadway to 218th St. The north side of Broadway is closed while we walk in the parade.  We turn left on 218st and proceed to the Opening Day ceremonies on field 6 located in the Inwood Park peninsula.

Only players, coaches, and league administrators are allowed to enter the field for the ceremony. Parents and guests must remain outside the field. The ceremony, which includes short speeches by the league president as well as other dignitaries, will last about 45 minutes. All players will be uniformly dismissed to their parents after the ceremony.

There will be 2 games played after the ceremony: one Majors game on field 6, and one Seniors game on field 1. You are welcome to stay and watch.


What happens at tryouts?

The tryout may be held outdoors or indoors and each age group lasts about an hour. Each player fields three ground balls and two pop flies, and they throw the ball back to a coach after each (no hitting or running is involved in the tryout).

We hold tryouts so we can evaluate each player’s skill level. This helps us make sure they are placed in the appropriate division. And it helps managers draft balanced teams.

Raffle Tickets and Chocolates Sales?

Raffle Tickets

To help you offset the costs of registration, we provide with FREE raffle tickets. You can do as you like with these tickets. You can sell the for a $1 each and KEEP the proceeds, or you can fill them out with your own names for the drawing. They are yours to do with as you please. There are three cash prizes in the sums of $300, $150, and $100. The raffle takes place the at the end of the Opening Day parade down by field 6. You must return the raffle stubs to the office or on the drawing date. You do not need to be present to win.

Chocolate Sales

We ask that each registrant sells a box of chocolates for the league. This is a voluntary fundraiser. If you choose to participate, we’ll give you a box of chocolates at registration. The box is valued at $60. Sell them to your friends at $1 each (or eat them) and return the $60 to the office before opening day. The monies generated by chocolate sales help the league immensely and keeps registration fees low!

I dont live in Inwood, can I still register?

Yes! We accept kids from anywhere. However, kids who live outside the district may not be eligible to play on the travel teams in the summer (although if they go to school in the district they are eligible). Other than that, they can partake in all Inwood Little League activities.

How old does a child need to be to join?

Kids must be at least 4 years old prior to May 1st to join our league.

Boys who turn 17 before August 31st of this year are NOT eligible to participate.

Girls who turn 19 this year are NOT eligible to participate.

What do I need to buy for my child?

The following is required for all players for games and practices:

  1. Glove (choose appropriate size for age)
  2. Protective cup for boys

The following are optional:

  1. Baseball cleats (rubber or plastic – no metal spikes)
  2. Athletic clothing for practice (sweats, not shorts)
  3. Bat (choose appropriate size for age). Players often share bats.
  4. Batting helmet (kids share league helmets). The league provides managers with some helmets and players often share helmets.

You should put your child’s name on his/her equipment.

We will supply the complete uniform including: jersey, hat, pants, belt, and socks. Players must wear complete uniforms for the opening day parade and all games, no exceptions.


When do we get a uniform?

Barring any delays, uniforms are distributed one week before Opening Day. Your team’s manager will contact you with distribution date and location.

Uniforms must be worn to the Opening Day parade and to all games.

Volunteers and Sponsors

How do I become a coach?

The league is always in need of coaches! No experience is necessary. This is a great way to help kids and give back to your community.

Simply fill out a volunteer application and submit. We will be in touch. We also have paper forms available in our office.

Note that all volunteers must submit to a background check.

How do I sponsor and or contribute?

Many local business sponsor teams. It is a great way to support our league and help the kids in our community. Inwood Little League is a certified 501c3 charitable organization. All donations/sponsorships are 100% tax deductible.

The costs can vary from $500–$1200. Your organization’s name will be put on the team uniform, and the team will be named after your organization.

For more information, see our sponsor page.


Does the league have insurance?

YES! The kids in our league are fully insured. Inwood has been around over 70 years and we are chartered with Little League and Babe Ruth League. Those organizations require insurance for players.

What happens if my child gets hurt?

If a player gets injured during a game or practice. The manager will call the parents and/or guardian immediately. If a parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called. If none of the child’s contacts are available, the manager will take appropriate action (such as taking the child to urgent care or to the hospital).

An incident report will be filled out within 24 hours and filed with the league.

Who do I contact when I have a problem?

Your team’s manager is your main of  contact for any questions or concerns. If you cannot reach your team’s manager, please contact the commissioner of your division.

If you need help from a league official, please email inwoodbaseball@gmail.com