Winter Baseball Clinic

The Winter Baseball Program is an indoor instructional baseball program. This program is designed to help the players learn the fundamentals of baseball and/or refine their skills. The players will be broken up into workstations and will practice fielding, running, batting (in a batting cage) and pitching. The instructors are comprised of league coaches (volunteers and parents).

The winter program cost is $150.00 per player (includes jersey, hat, and Inwood Little League sweatshirt)

Begins the Last Saturday in September and ends on January 27th.

Location: IS52 Gymnasium (Broadway and Academy St)

 There are three sessions on Saturdays:

  1. Girls Softball: 9:00am –10:30am
  2. Baseball Ages 6–8: 10:30am–12:00pm
  3. Baseball ages 9–13: 12:00pm–1:30pm

The program is held at I.S. 52 School Gymnasium, On Broadway, (intersection Broadway & Academy St). It starts in midlate September and runs to late January or early February.

Program Rules

  • All players must be in athletic wear, proper sneakers (not crocs), and the issued uniform for every practice and events.
  • Players should be on time. This means ready to participate (shoes, gloves and hats on) at 9am, 11am, or 1pm. If players are 15 minutes late, they will not be allowed into their session.
  • Any player with medical condition(s) needs to bring a doctor’s clearance that states: “Player can play Full Activity”
  • Homework may be assigned so players can learn about the game of baseball, enhance their reading, writing and math skills, and reinforce education. Parents are encouraged to help players with homework, but not to do the homework for the players.
  • Players are not to chase each other, engage in horseplay, or slide on their backs on the gym floor.
  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate forfeiture of your registration.