Summer League

Girls Softball

Our Summer League begins July 13 and ends August 25. Players are placed in divisions based on their age and skill level, and each division has its own schedule (see below). In the summer, we prepare players for the division they will qualify for the following year. may combine some divisions.

All players ages 8 and older must attend a tryout. The 2024 Summer tryout will be on June 1st @ 5pm on Field 3.

There is a one time fee is for players.

All players are required to attend ALL games and practices.

If you have further questions, read our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us a message.

Leagues and Divisions

Instructional Divisions (SuperStars, Farms): This group is non-competitive and designed to teach players the basics of baseball while having fun. Kids must bring their own gloves and cleats, bats are optional. All games are at Inwood Hill Park softball fields.

  • Ages 4 and 5: SuperStars (Tee-ball then Coach Pitch)
    • Games on Saturdays at 9am on fields 2 & 3. Practice 1x per week.
  • Age 6–7: Farms (Coach Pitch then Kid Pitch)
    • Games are on Saturdays at 11am on fields 2 & 3. Practice 1x per week.

Competitive Divisions (Minors, Majors, Seniors): Players in this division play games with umpires and keep score.

  • Age 8–9: Minors
    • 2 games every week at Field 6. Practice at least 1x per week.
  • Age 10–12: Majors
    • 2 games every week at Field 6. Practice at least 1x per week.
    • Depending on the year, we may combine minors and majors.
  • Age 13–16 Seniors WOOD BAT ONLY
    • 2-3 WEEKDAY games at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings at Fields 1 & 5. Practice at least 1x per week.
  • GIRLS SOFTBALL ages 8–18
    • Four divisions: 10 (years old) and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, and 18 and under.
    • We typically play games on the weekends and practice once or twice during the week. Some games are played at other locations throughout the city, and the girls may travel to tournaments.