Softball Spring

Our Spring Eagles Softball Little League program has 4 divisions for girls: 18U (for girls 15–18 years), 14U (for ages 13 and 14), 12U (for ages 10–12), and 10U (for ages 8–10). During our season we host games at our home field in Inwood, but we often travel to the Bronx and lower Manhattan to play.

Typically each division will have a practice during the week at our Inwood field and 2 games (double header) on the weekend. Depending on the weather we may also have make up games during the week.

Here is an overview of the schedule for spring 2024:

  • 10U (ages 8 to 10) practice on Field 4 on Thursdays from 5:30–7pm. Games TBD Saturday or Sunday.
  • 18U (ages 15 to 18) practice either Tuesday or Wednesday. Games TBD Saturday or Sunday. 

It is the team’s goal to participate in at least one local tournament per division every season as a travel team. This past season we played in the Base Tournament in Boston and with that came the opportunity to play at the Boston College softball stadium. We also participated in the Downtown League’s Summer tournament.

At Inwood our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for the players to learn the wonderful game of softball. We encourage all of our players to try different fielding positions and to try hitting from both sides of the plate.  You never know what the player will love!

Our coaches come from many different backgrounds and have experience ranging from competitive high school ball to Division 1 College Softball programs.

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