2017 Parade


Opening Day Parade
The annual Opening Day Parade is on Saturday April 1st at 11am (54 Nagle Ave). All kids must march in full uniform with their team (no gloves or cleats unless they have a scheduled game).

Teams Rosters & Schedule
Teams rosters have been formed and schedules are posted. If a coach has not contacted you or you do not know your team assignment, please send us an email at our contact page or call the office at 212-942-0834 between 3-6pm on weekdays.

Uniforms will be available on March 29th. Your team’s coach will contact you when they are ready for distribution.

Student Athlete Scholarship ($200)
The deadline to apply for the Student Athlete Scholarship is Friday March 24th at the office.  Get the application here. Winners will be announced Opening Day.

Please return your raffle tickets to the office before the Opening Day. Winners will be announced after the parade.

Chocolate Fundraiser
Please return your chocolate fundraiser monies to the office this week between the hours of 3-6:30pm.

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