Inwood Popcorn Fundraiser



“We have big plans for the league but have been hindered in recent years by financial limitations. For this reason, we are doubling our fundraising efforts this year and require all to participate to reach our goal. After some research, in place of the chocolate bars we have chosen to sell bags of flavored popcorn this year which has been very successful for other groups around the country. Each box has 30 bags of popcorn which are sold for $2/each.

In addition to this, the company has supplied us with pamphlets that have other great products to order. We are developing a tiered reward structure that will have great prizes for those that sell the most. We will announce this at the meeting.

Also, we are very excited to announce that we have had some great “Inwood Baseball” shirts and warm-up jackets for kids and adults made that are for sale at the meeting and throughout the season.

Please help us continue to improve this league while supporting your child’s budding baseball career. We need each of you to be prepared to at least take a box of popcorn($60) and a pamphlet home with you from the meeting. We can only accept cash or money orders for the popcorn, shirts and jackets. Thanks in advance for your open wallets. It’s all for the kids!!”

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