Opening Day Parade


Saturday, April 13th at 11:30am from 30 Nagle Ave to Field 6.

We will march as teams up Nagle Ave to Dyckman St and turn left. Then we’ll turn right on Broadway and march to 218th St. Then we’ll turn left and walk up and down the hill into Inwood Park.

Once on field 6, teams will participate in a brief ceremony with local dignitaries.

All players must march in the parade and attend the ceremony in full uniform. So suit up and join your team and your coaches to show this town that our league means business. Let’s make some noise on those Saturday streets and let the neighborhood know we’re ball players, we’re excited, and we are Inwood.

Parents can march behind your teams. Players on Kenny Bakery, Hilltop Pharmacy, Carrot Top and Dichter Pharmacy have games following the parade and ceremony.

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