Two Fall Leagues Crown Champs


In the Seniors League, Licey Tigres defeated the Leones in a best of three series, proving that tigers are better than lions. Licey won the first game 7 to 4 and the second game 9 to 4. Manager George Gushe earned another finals victory.

The semifinals shook out with only one upset. Licey barely survived against the Gigantes, winning 5 to 4. Meanwhile, The third-seeded Leones clobbered the second-seed Aguilas, 17 to 5. “We’ve still got a lot of work to do,” noted Leones manager Steve Lowsky.

Rain postponed the first game of the finals. But Licey took care of business in November.

The Majors League championship series also ended in two games with Harlem Guardians earning the title against the Samurai Giants. The Guardians won the first game 7 to 3, and a week later they closed the deal, winning 9 to 5. Harlem’s manager Sheila DeCastro noted that “the experience was great” and she hopes to “continues this partnership.”

Let’s do it, Sheila. And congrats to all the players and coaches. Pelotazo!

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