Seniors’ Pelotazo goes to the Toros


Nothing could stop the Toros this fall. They overcame a coaching absence; plenty of league drama; and non-stop, weekend-ruining rain. And all for what? Oh yeah, a championship.

Interim coach Gio Torruellas—famous for winning this summer’s seniors championship in two games while outscoring his opponent by 25 runs—took over the team from Justin Ashley, who took over when legendary skipper Sonny Bowie had a health issue (he got better). On Nov 11, with Ashley in the wind (actually on a professional mission to save lives), Coach Gio transferred his winning ways to the Toros and they won the best-of-five series in 4 games.

The Toros’ opponent was the Aguilas, coached by the newly-seniored Erick Morales. Both the Toros and the Aguilas got through what might be called the Poaching of Fall 2023, when some Inwood players were undecided about where to align their cleats. The two championship teams avoided forfeits (when the rain allowed us to play) and managed to enter the finals series in a dead heat: 5-1 with their only losses coming from each other.

Finals was played over two weekends, the first consecutive weekends without rain we had all season. First, Toros advanced by defeating Licey 10 to 3. Aguilas punched their ticket after surviving a depleted yet plucky Escogido that Saturday. Aguilas won 8 to 4.

Toros won the first finals game, 4 to 3, a nail-biter. Aguilas came back in the second game, winning 13 to 6, tying the series on a Sunday. Tension and pitching rest built up during the week.

The following Saturday, the 11th of November, Toros again narrowly squeezed out a victory with an 8-7 showcase. Then, in a pitchers’ duel, Toros captured the series crown, taking the game 4 to 0.

Luckily Coach Sonny recovered in time to hear the team he drafted won it all. Cheers to you, coach. Thanks to all the parents who put up with the disappointing weather to make this fall ball memorable after all. And all you kids and coaches who stepped up and did the right thing, we owe you. See you in the spring.

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