Summer Tryouts


Saturday, June 1 on Field 5.

All players 8 and over must attend a Tryout session where they are evaluated to be placed in the appropriate level. Tryouts are an essential element of our league as it promotes balanced teams and competitive play.

Please check the schedule below for your dates, times, and fields. Players must bring a baseball glove and wear athletic clothing and cleats (no bats or helmets are required). Please arrive 15 minutes early.

AgeDateTime Location
8 and 9 year oldSaturday, June 15:00pmField 3
10–12 years oldSaturday, June 16:00pmField 3
13–16 years oldSaturday, June 16:45pmField 3

2nd TRYOUT & RAIN DATE: Sunday June 2nd, Inwood Park Field 6, 3:30p.m.
If you miss the Tryout on Saturday, you must come to the Tryouts on Sunday.

Don’t forget to register first!

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